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Zerlux Hungary Ltd. is a small-size, independent, privately owned R&D-based, open-minded company that specializes in the development, designing and manufacturing of cutting-edge, revolutionary new and unique in that market Downhole Video Camera and Laser technology for a variety of Oil & Gas Upstream and wellbore Geothermal applications.

A Hungary based privately owned ISO 9001 certified company has been established in 2013 with a clear and strong vision to provide reliably and accountably to customers with earlier not known deep borehole solutions that feature the latest high–tech, fibre-optic, real-time, pressure and temperature proof (HPHT) and multi-kilowatt laser power technologies with different purposes in drilled wells in both on-shore and off-shore activities.

  • OptEye Camera Family
    Zerlux’s most innovative and unique high-pressure/high temperature (HPHT-proof) downhole camera technology is dedicated to visualizing any kind of downhole wellbore defect, leakage or simple assembly status monitoring exclusively only alone in the market in Full HD resolutions, working even within high pressure/high temperature environment (HPHT-proof construction). Extremely high temperature-proof Downhole camera tools are available Online (real-time) and Memory mode deployed on Fiber Optic, Wireline, Slickline and E-line Cables. Additional and also singular solution to clean up the camera lens from any contaminations during its operation, so our cameras applicable to use in crude oil or condensate well too.

  • Laser Pipe Cutting
    Zerlux develops downhole Single-pipe Laser Tubing Cutting technology for various Oil & Gas applications in order to perform precise, quick and clean downhole cutting of any kind of casing, production tubing and drill pipe with immediate feedback of the cutting result. After four years of development our Prototype is ready for Surface Integrity Tests. The development of multi-pipe cutting is ongoing, which is going to bring uniquely cost-saving and quick solutions for the quite expensive practice of the off-shore conductor pipes abandonments.

  • Laser Lateral Drilling
    Laser Drilling is an already proven technological concept to create cost-efficiently some short lateral, reliable and stable permeable producing channels in existing or new wells between the wells' perforations and hydrocarbon saturated rocks in order to improve formation permeability in any desired direction in a single work phase during the drilling process via the casing and cement as well as into the reservoir formation itself, with a single, assembled tool in and out of the well, maintaining formation integrity and environmental safety whilst improving productivity.

  • Laser Hard Scale Removing
    Zerlux also continuously develops Laser Hard Scale Removing technology that could solve the critical phenomena caused by a typical and well-known scaling  (e.g. barite) in the production tubing within HPHT environment from a significant depth through chemical and physical degradation and alteration of exotic scale. Laser scaling-burn may completely free up the wellbore perforations from the clogging formulated due to the scaling.

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